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How do I change the size of a block on my canvas?

There are two methods in which you can resize a block on your canvas.

1. Drag the bottom.

Click on the block you want to resize to select it. Move your cursor to to the bottom of the block. There will be a white bar defining the boundaries between the blocks. A two way arrow will appear when you mouseover this bar. Click on it and drag to resize the block. A black box will appear to show you the size height to guide you as you resize.

2. Using the block buttons.

Click on the block you want to resize to select it. Six buttons will appear to the left of the block. The button at the bottom is a gear for Settings. Clicking on it will allow you change the canvas width and block height.

Kindly note that you cannot change just an individual block's width. The rest of the canvas will change along with it - not just the selected block. Block height can be set individually. 

From the top, the block buttons allow you to:

  1. +, add a new, empty block to to your canvas,
  2. x, delete the block,
  3. =, clone the block,
  4. move up, and
  5. move down. 
  6. The Gear at the bottom is for Settings, which allows you to resize your canvas by inputting the size of your canvas width and block height
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    Dana Kessler

    These instructions for resizing the height of the block are not available on my presentation. I do not have the box to change the block height or the two-way arrows when I mouse over it. Is this an old post?

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    Hello! Thanks Dana, for asking. Yes, you are correct. These do apply to all other formats, except our Presentation Format. I am sorry. This is an older post, but it still applies for the other formats , Banner, Report, and Infographic. Read more about the different types here:

    We appreciate you so much for posting here.. if your ever need immediate help, please email and a friendly response will be returned to you asap :)

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