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How to customise the width and height of an infographic

How to customise the width and height of an infographic?

It is possible to change the width and height of an infographic according to your specific needs. You can do this on each of the blocks’ settings. There are two methods in which you can resize a block on your canvas. 

Customise block height

Click on the block you want to resize to select it. There will be a white semi-transparent bar defining the boundaries between the blocks. A two way arrow will appear when you mouse-over this bar. Click on it and drag to resize the block height. A tiny black box will appear to show you the size height to guide you as you resize. Please note that this method allows you to quickly resize the height of the block only. If you would like to resize both width and height, please follow the method below.

Customise block width and height

Click on the block you want to resize to select it. There are six buttons on the left of the block. Click the cog-shaped button (at the bottom) for Settings. It opens up a menu to change the width and height. *After you've entered the pixel width or height, press the Enter/ Return key to apply the changes.*

Piktochart provides pre-set width e.g. 600, 800, and 1280 pixels width. If you would like a customised width, open the drop-down menu under Canvas Width and choose Custom. A textbox to input your desired infographic width should appear. Please note that changing the width on any block will apply the changes to all blocks. You can also input your desired height (in pixels) for the selected block. Please search online for a free inches to pixel calculator to help determine this.

Friendly Pikto-Reminder for optimized performance and downloads: Please keep your Piktochart under 30,000 pixels for height. In addition, try not to exceed 1980 pixels for width as most machines are not sufficient to handle this large of a file. If you have already started, please separate and create new files by copying your infographic blocks onto another infographic.


What is 'Resize Content'?

The checkbox 'Resize Content' will scale all objects within the selected block accordingly as the block size changes. For example, if the infographic block size is reduced, all object will shrink accordingly. Changing each object’s size separately will not be needed, hence  saving previous time!

If 'Resize Content' is unticked, any changes made on the selected block size will only affect the block, and all objects remains untouched. Note that the width changes will take place from the right side of the block!


Can I change the width and height for Presentation formats?

Our Presentation format templates are scaled to a 4:3 ratio and the option to customise the height of an individual block is disabled. This is because Presentation formats are optimised for presentation purposes - the size is purposed to fit nicely on a projector screen. However, users may customise the width; the infographic block height will scale accordingly.

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