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What is Printable format?


Reports and Posters are documents which relay information. Reports are most often used to display results from an event, experiment, or time period.

On the other hand, Posters are single page works of art with the intention of conveying information in a single attention-grabbing shoutout. 

In this case, we at Piktochart want Reports and Posters to be fun. So rather than dry charts and tables, we want to empower our users to create interesting Reports and Posters.

This is what the Printable format is all about. Report is designed to print out perfectly in two A-series (e.g. A3,A4,A5) sheets of paper while Poster is designed to perfectly fit on a single sheet of paper, whether portrait or landscape.

Another helpful tip is that there is a faint dotted line that represents one page. If you stay above that line you can ensure that its the perfect guideline for you while you are creating.


Below is an example of a downloaded file from Report template.

Happy Piktochart-ing! :)

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