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What are the latest map updates?


We're happy to announce some fantastic updates to our map tool. Just another way to say thanks for all of your great feedback. 

You can now expect to find a very smart map wizard that will help you to select from 7 world regions and 237 countries.

The intuitive search bar will check your spelling for you now. It will make suggestions for you.

The new area-value-map, known as a choropleth, helps you to visualize and localize.

The ever popular request for legends has been granted. Now Piktochart enthusiasts can have a way to customize the positioning.

The data will display and function much better for you, as well, when you hover over it to see the data displayed.

Check out the Hide and Unhide options. You can omit certain regions for better control of your creativity, if you wish.

Maps can help you improve your visual impact.  Click Here To Discover Maps

The absolutely best read on the subject is Here! Our Talented Harrison's page: Product Update: Take Storytelling to Another Level with Piktochart’s Improved Map Visualizations"


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