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Why is an image missing or distorted?


We do understand how frustrating it is when you've worked hard to create your Piktochart, only to discover that the download is not as you see it in the editor or in preview mode. We're always here to help when unexpected issues arise.

Are your own images missing only? If so, and it is not showing up, you would need to make sure that the image remains in the Uploads section as above. Otherwise, please reinsert it onto your Piktochart, then Publish, download, and share as usual. It will need to stay there to show up on your hard work.

If there is another issue than this, please check the following: 

Are using a corporate or private connection? If you're using a corporate connection, please try using a private connection. If you are using a corporate connection, and it is possible that there are security settings or firewalls in place, there may be an error. Contact your IT or person in charge of the network's settings.

Always Save and Clear your browser cache.

As recommended, please note that recent Chrome and Firefox versions always work best. Sometimes it helps to try the opposite one to see if that will make a difference in the output. Thanks for trying those steps first. Please always contact our supportive Delight Officers with the following, when in doubt:

  • Your current browser and version
  • Your Operating system (i.e Windows 10)
  • The name/title of your saved infographic
  • Permission for the team to enter your account
  • If it is your image upload, please send that image file to test
  • A screenshot of the download and your infographic as viewed in the Piktochart editor. Thanks for those details! :) The solution process will be much quicker for you.
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