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Someone left our company / office / classroom. How do we change email log in, access our Pro/ Lite account?


Has someone left your office, changed positions, or a new person needs to use the Pro or Lite account?

We understand that if your school, office, or company needs to acquire the log in credentials for Pitkochart Pro or Lite account that the company/ agency/ organization has purchased.

We fully respect our Piktochart users' wishes. However, we would like to make sure that the former user of the account is not only informed, but also that the requester has proven that they are the purchaser.

If you need help with this, and someone else will be taking over that account, or if you need help gaining access to the former persons' paid subscription account, please supply our caring Delight Officers the following required information:

  1. Contact
  2. Include your subscription's transaction ID
  3. Include the users email/ username/ and first and last name
  4. Share the last Saved Infographic Title
  5. CC in the email the former email address
  6. Let us know the current email and the new email that you need it to be on that account. 

We greatly appreciate these details, and it is required to protect both you, the purchaser of the account, and the former user of the Piktochart Pro / or Lite account. Many thanks for your kind understanding! As always, we love to help you every way possible.

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