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How is my Piktochart Saved or Auto saved?


Hello Piktochart enthusiasts! We want to help you understand how to find a Saved Piktochart that does not display a miniature Preview or thumbnail picture of it in "My Saved Piktocharts" section.

To begin, please note that there is an timed auto save feature built in to save your work during the editing process. Therefore, you will have access to it if you forgot to save your Piktochart before you left. 

In your Saved Piktochart section, you may not be able to see a Preview image or thumbnail of your work. 

As long as you had a stable connection, and you were using Chrome's or Firefox's latest browser version, it has been auto saved. 

It will look like this in your Saved Piktocharts: 

It may take some time to find it. You can click Edit, when you hover over the teal letter "P" to find one of your auto saved versions. Please note that it won't have the visual image or preview on the thumbnail in "My Saved Piktocharts" . Checking each one is a good idea.

It is always recommended to click the Save button (above your canvas) to make sure that you can see the Preview or thumbnail in "My Saved Pitkocharts" section to easily locate it. 

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