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Why won't my Piktochart download?


You will find that some of your infographics are not loading and will not download for you. We want to help with that.

When this happens please consider the following:

  • Please make certain all other tabs are closed while downloading in your browser. Close programs that may be running or additional browsers open. Check your internet speed. Clear browser often if needed. Log out of your account on any other devices/ computers/ browsers. 
  • Your computer may not have the memory needed for very large file. Please try to separate and download less blocks. You can copy / duplicate your blocks so that you don't have to start over. Save time by copying your blocks onto another Piktochart template and saving them. Our developers suggest to keep height below 30,000 pixels for downloading it or initializing it in the editor properly. 1980 pixels maximum for width is ideal.
  • If using Chrome, and it is not working, please try Firefox, or vice versa. Please note that Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari don't work as reliably. 
  • Test to see if you can download a pre-made Pikto template with less blocks/ pages easily. 
  • Check to see if your personal image files may be causing the issue by removing them and then download again. You can send us the image file that you uploaded so that we can test to see if it corrupted, if needed. We're glad to assist you with this!
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