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How do I add animated images to my canvas?


There is one way to add some movement to your Piktochart that's not yet included in the Tools section. If you find an animated GIF file on the internet, save that file to your computer's hard drive. The image will need to be 2mb or less. 

Next, make sure that your computer file management settings are set to display the extensions for known file types. You can consult Windows or Mac support if you need instructions for this operation.

Finally, find the saved GIF file on you computer, then rename its extension from .gif to .jpg instead.

You should now be able to use the Uploads Tools from the left menu bar of the Piktochart Editor to add this new animated .jpg file to your Piktochart account. You can use this image on your canvas as you would any other image uploaded to your account.

Do keep in mind the animation will only display if you choose Publish>Publish Now and either use the Open On Web URL or use the provided HTML code on your website. The downloaded infographics in JPG or PNG format are static images that can't display active content such as animation.

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