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How can I collaborate with a group or team on my saved visual?


We encourage group discussions and ideas to involve your team members for inspiration to create your Piktochart. Currently, each login is private for each user. Each account registered is by one person with their personal email. We do not provide a multiple user account option at this time.

Whether you have a free, Lite, or Pro account, each login is unique and is password protected. Piktocharts can only be edited there by that user. Also, the infographics are non- transferable to other account users.

To allow anyone to log in at the same time could present overwriting issues as well. Your hard work could be lost if it is not saved properly for this reason. Please do enjoy sharing and sending to whomever you like!

It is helpful to read more about this in the Copyright and Trademark section in our Terms of Use. We respect all Piktochart users' work and treat it as such. Thanks for your understanding! 



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