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How do I download and print Custom Size Poster?


It's time to print! Here's a printing guide to help you with some common sizes that our users have requested when they are ready to print: 

(Click here to learn how to customize the block dimensions)

If you wish to create other custom sizes, you will need to do a simple calculation to get the correct dimensions on the Editor. Here are some simple steps:

  1. Choose either Report or Poster template.
  2. What is the paper size needed? Ex. 20 width x 30 height
    Find the ratio of your dimensions:

    Ratio = 20/30
    Ratio = 0.667
    The maximum width in Piktochart editor is 1980.

    For 20 x 30, we recommend setting the width dimension : 1280 pixels (You can choose any width dimension as long as you follow the steps below to get the correct measurement for height.)

    1280/ratio = height
    1280/0.667 = 1919

    Therefore, it would be in pixels on Editor: 1280 width x 1919 height.

  3. Set these dimensions by using the custom block settings at the left of the canvas. Click here for more information. If you have multiple blocks, ensure the height of all blocks adds to 2250.

That's it! Happy Piktocharting! :)

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