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What features on the ipad will I have ?


You will enjoy many features with the iPad app. Here is a quick guide to help you know some of the few limitations in comparison with our web application. 


Website Ipad
Templates selection (Choose from the 4 formats: Infographic, Presentation, Report, or Poster.)  Yes  Yes

Adding graphics (basic shapes, icons, photos, photoframe)


 Yes.Is there any limit on the app? E.g.  masking

Upload personal images  Yes  No
Edit/Add background color  Yes  Yes
Edit/Add text boxes  Yes  Yes
Tools (Charts, Maps, Videos)  Yes  No
Make a copy of your current infographic  Yes  Yes
Grouping and ungrouping elements on block  Yes  No
Lock and unlock elements on block  Yes  Yes
Changing opacity of graphic colors  Yes  Yes
Inserting hyperlinks  Yes  Yes
Text alignment  Yes  Yes
Arrange graphic elements (layering)  Yes  Yes
Align with other objects  Yes  No
Preview infographic  Yes  Yes
Clone, move, edit and delete blocks  Yes  Yes
Resizing blocks (custom width and height)  Yes  Only block height by adjusting the white  semi-transparent bar
Download in PNG/JPEG and PDF (for pro users)  Yes  Only PNG and JPEG for both free and  pro users
Share and Publish infographics online  Yes  Yes


Along with editing, you can share as well. Click Here to learn all about your options to share.Please do note that you will have access to many of these if you log into your Pc or Mac on our website to use certain functions. :) 

If you have any questions that may arise along the way, please let us know! Our Delight Team is ready to support you! Contact details here.

Happy Pikotchart-ing with the iPad! :)

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