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How can I set my canvas to A4 or letter size?


You can also opt between selecting A4 or Letter paper sizes to fit your infographic, poster, and report projects!

Please note that the Page Setup option is not an option for the Presentation format. This format is for wider blocks only.


This latest feature aims to help out people dedicated to bringing saved visual offline, be it in the office, classroom, or your own personal chill-out lounge.

1. Under File > Page Setup, you can change or set the default paper size as Letter size (8.5” x 11”) or A4 size (8.27” x 11.69”). When you change your paper size, your canvas will automatically resize to the optimum width.


2. You’ll also see a cut-off line that shows the end of one page of paper. If you do not intend to print your infographic, you can choose to turn off the cut-off point under File > Page Setup.
3. If you activate ‘Set as default for future projects’, your future creations will then have the respective paper sizes properties, like the cut-off line position, enabled.
Use Page Set Up for Your Infographics and Printables if you need a letter or A4 page size. We hope that makes the adjustment an easier transition for you. :) 



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