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How do I upload an image to my account?


There are two ways in which you can upload an image.

1. Drag and drop

Click on the Upload Image icon (on the left menu) to open up your uploads library. There's an area at the top in which you can drag and drop your image. Your image will then appear in your library.

You also drag and drop images from an open folder on your computer directly onto the canvas you are working on. Click the Shift Key to maintaining your Aspect ratio while working on resizing your uploaded image.

2. Select file

You can also choose to upload a file from your computer. By clicking on that selection a window will pop-up, and you can then select the file from your computer. The image will appear in your uploaded images library. You can keep track of the number of uploads with the tracker.

PRO users can upload up to 400 MB of their own images. Lite users can upload up to 100 MB and Free users can add only 40 MB. Each image should be in JPEG, JPG or PNG format, and should be 2MB or less.

To delete your uploaded images, just click on the X at the top right corner of the image you have uploaded.

Note that if you delete an image from your Uploads library, the image will still appear on any canvases to which it was added. However, the image will not appear on the downloaded infographic.

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