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What is Infographic format?


Infographics are perfect for viewing on the web. They are visual representations of information. They can tell a story in a colorful way. Using Piktocharts infographics, you can take your story or information and convert it into a compact snapshot. Using this format, you can quickly and easily convey information that is super pleasing to the eye.


The templates that our crafty designers put together are perfect for creating the projects that you intend to publish and share online, on a website, or a blog.They improve a reader's understanding by using graphics to reveal patterns and trends. 


You can make it as long as you like with a few limitations on file size.  You can add blocks if you wish. You can also resize the block. Once published, the blocks will come together in one long form for you. Currently, you can't take an image or element and make it extend onto another block. However, you can easily resize it like this. 


Here is how an infographic template looks when you go click Create and it moves to the editor: 



Here is more information on how to design your infographic on Piktochart's blog.

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