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Can I add a map by city, county, or state?


Our map tool empowers you and adds visual impact to your visual. It is a fantastic way to include demographic data and locations to your Piktochart. Click here to see the advantages!

Currently, a function isn't available to add individual states, countries, cities, or counties for example. You can use the regions available to add color and enhance that area on the state within the region that you select.

We hope to add some great updates for maps in the future. For now if you would like to put an individual state, city, county, or country map, you would need to access that image file from the web, then your computer file to upload an image in Piktochart's template editor. Then, use your Text / icon options on the left panel to add data near it. Don't forget to point to specifics with our line tool, if you so desire. 

Find out how to add your personal touch to the map tool with colors and data here.

Enjoy our map tool! :)

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