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How do I insert / add a map?


Due to popular demand, you can now experience the new and improved Map tool. 

First, click the Tool on the left panel in the editor. You can find Maps there. 

Two tabs at the top will allow you to search by country or region.

Countries are available in A-Z format as well. Click Regions and you can find a map of the World, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Antartica.

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While you are experimenting with awesome ways to add Interactivity to your Piktochart, notice how to insert maps to add more appeal on a regional or global scale. Here is a quick peek at the Piktochart Map tool. For now, you can add variety by showing color differences for your data. Please note that the data that you include has captions available on Hover with the online (url /published) shared version. However, no static data will appear for the downloaded version. 

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