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How can I add colors to my map?

If you would like to enhance the map tool experience on Piktochart, we suggest adding some color to states, countries, or regions. All you need to do is click Tools on the left side of the screen in your editor. Okay great!  Now you are ready.
Next, please select Maps. When the map pops up, you can go to Settings on the upper right corner. If you glance to the left side of the Settings screen, you will see the regions from which to choose (you can click those gray boxes with the region you need) :
Here are your choices:
World Map
Europe Map
Asia Map
Southeast Asia Map
Africa Map
South America Map
North America Map
Oceania Map
USA Map (with the option to show Hawaii and Alaska)
Australia Map
Select the area that you would like to use on your Map. Then, as you can see in Settings, you have the option to choose a color for the border, the overall color of the map, and then regions separately. You can put in your own hex # or just click the box and choose the best color to make that area really stand out! Perfect! Your map will be stunning. 
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