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How do I Share and Publish my saved visual?


You may notice some visual changes to our Editor. Our developers worked hard to give you the same benefits and features while keeping it simple for you. 

In the top right corner, you’ll now only see the options to “Download” or “Share” - All online publishing options are included in the Share tab. You can then immediately have the option to choose privacy settings if you are a Pro user. 


To begin, please click the Share tab. Pro users will continue to have the Privacy setting features. Publish will always need to be selected, even if you are choosing to use Privacy options. As a friendly note: Unpublishing would disable your link and no one can view it. But, not to worry, that is why when it is Published, we offer Privacy features for when it remains published. :) 

Public:  All Piktochart users will be able to use the Public option. This means that your Piktochart is visible to anyone once it is published. Once Published, you can send a Piktocard, share with social media, share your URL, and use your Html code to embed on your blog or website! (Free, Lite, and Pro users' option)


Share: Please click Public as the 1st step : Next you can select Share . With share options, only specific people are able to view your infographic if you prefer. It will not be public though. Public is chosen so a URL link and HTML code can be generated for you.  Please enter a password to share with your audience or viewer. Only those who enter the password will be able to see it. If a password is not selected, the last privacy settings will remain.  (Only Pro users)

Private: Please click Public as the first step. Then you can click Private. The output link is exclusively for the creator of the infographic Piktochart. The owner of the Pro account will be the only person that can view the infographic when it is Published. (Only Pro users)

The Export Tab: This is how you can export to Slideshare and Evernote.

Slideshare: Click Slideshare to log into your account, give your infographic a title, and choose between infographic or presentation mode of slides. To use slideshare’s Infographic Player, your infographic dimensions must be greater than 1:2.

Evernote: This option asks to authenticate your Evernote account and export.

Enjoy the launch of our latest changes to the Privacy Settings options! Please don't forget to check it out in Presentation mode.

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