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How do I use the PDF download options?


Curious about our newest Pdf download options? You will find more than one way to download your Saved Piktochart. We wanted to provide some flexibility to our awesome Piktochart friends! :) 

To be more specific, there are 4 different ways. First, you can use Long-form. It will look like this:

If you have chosen Long- form, there will be no separation or lines. One continuous flow can be expected with this type of download. It is ideal to use this if you need to view and share this offline on your devices.

Second, you can select A4 option:

Please note that Report is the most desirable format to choose when using A4 pdf download. This is because the output will be on separate A4 sheets. Printing is simple and stress-free. 

Third, you can pick Presentation Blocks. As a friendly reminder, Presentation format works best here. You can download these blocks individually. This is optimal for your offline presentations. Your blocks need to stay at 800 px (width) and 600 px (height) in the editor when creating it.

Last, and fourth, you will see our Custom option for printing your own paper size. It is in long-form to print out with the best dpi and will print to your requirements. There are custom settings in the editor as well. 

As always, you never have to guess, because our caring support team is available to help you when in doubt! We love our Piktochart peeps! 

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