Arranging Objects by Layers

You can use our Arrange tool to layer your objects. You can see below how to place text on top, or an icon or image behind, etc. But first, you can generally use these tools to edit your graphics, text, shapes and more in the following ways:

Bring To Front or Send To Back - choose one of these to move the object or group to the most top or bottom of the stacking order.

Bring Forward or Send Backward - choose one of these to move the object or group forward or backward one position in the stacking order.

After hovering the Arrange tool, you can hover over each of the four arrange buttons for the specific description to appear.

To use the Arrange functions, first, click the graphic element you'd like to arrange. Next, look for the Arrange drop-down in the upper toolbar. Click it to choose:

  1. Bring to Front
  2. Send to back
  3. Bring Forward
  4. Send Backward

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