Resizing: Custom Size

You can use our Download option to download a PNG image or PDF document, but first, you’ll need to set your block sizes to the dimensions of your choice.

Set these dimensions by using the custom block settings at the left of the canvas. If you wish to print in a standard A4 or 8.5x11 letter size, you can set this on your block setting directly:

You can also set this on the Dashboard for blank templates:

If you need a custom size, you can insert the size and hit the enter key after setting the width and height:

The maximum dimensions for the custom block settings:

Maximum width : 40 inches, 101.6 cm, 3840 px

Maximum height: 50000 pixels for the entire canvas (all blocks combined)

If you wish to download and print a visual that is larger than the maximum size (40 inches), you just need to set a slightly lower dimension but make sure they share the same ratio.

For example, let's say you want to print in 96 inches (width) x 48 inches (height). You could bring down the sizes by a 2.5 ratio:
  • 96 inches (width) divide by 2.5 = 38.4 inches
  • 48 inches (height) divide by 2.5 = 19.2 inches
You can then set the custom sizes to 38.4 inches (width) x 19.2 inches (height) and download them in high quality. When you're ready for print, most printing companies will help to print in your intended size, which is 96 inches x 48 inches.

Common Questions

Why can't I see the block setting option?

You're most likely using a Presentation template. There is no block setting in this format as these blocks are a fixed size. Those are scaled to a ratio for precise viewing using Presentation Mode.

What is the best format to use for Printing?

It is always best to use a Report, Poster or Flyer templates if you plan to print your work. If you have already started using an Infographic template, you need to resize your blocks into A4/Letter size blocks or your desired custom size for print. It's not possible to auto-convert a visual from one template format to another, e.g. Infographic to Flyer.

What is 'Resize Content'?

The checkbox 'Resize Content' will scale all objects within the selected block accordingly as the block width changes. For example, if the visual's block width is reduced, all objects will shrink accordingly. Changing each object’s size separately will not be needed, therefore saving precious time!

If 'Resize Content' is not selected, any changes made on the selected block size will only affect the block and all objects remain untouched and not resized. Note that the width changes will take place on the right side of the block.

Why can't I see the semi-transparent line at the bottom of the block?

The semi-transparent line at the bottom of the block only appears for Infographic format. There will be a grey, semi-transparent bar defining the boundaries between the blocks as shown below

What do I do if my visual is longer than the maximum height for downloading?

If your visual is larger than 50000px and you try to download it; you will receive this error:

You can still publish and share the visual online through the output link or the embed code

To download the visual, we recommend either deleting blocks or splitting up the visual into two. You can copy the objects from one visual to another.

Can I resize or change the orientation of only 1 block? 

Unfortunately, our system doesn't allow the creation of different width Page/Blocks on one visual. Once a specific block is resized, the rest of the other blocks will be resized as well. 

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