Changing Background Color

To change the background color:

1. First, click the block you'd like to edit, then select Background from the left side panel.

2. Next, click the background color paint bucket icon, or click the hex code to enter or paste an HTML hex code color.

3. You can change the color by choosing a default color, or, click the '+' sign under Recent Colors to choose a different gradient or color.

Move the white circle or click the color wheel to select a gradient, or choose a completely different color using the color slider below. After choosing the color, click anywhere outside the color picker tool to set the color!

To match your background color to an icon, simply copy the hex code from the background color, select the icon you wish to match,click the paint bucket icon in the top tool bar, click the '+' sign under "Recent Colors" and paste the hex code there.  The five recently used colors will appear in Recent Colors . The five recently used colors will remain there for your next login.

4. After choosing your Background Color, you can experiment with fun textures and patterns by adding a Background Image overlay to the block, playing with the opacity!

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