Using Lines

Lines are great - they draw boundaries, showing us divisions and different compartments. Lines can also highlight certain elements; showing us what's important. You can enhance your Piktochart visual with the line tool in graphics, here's how!

  1. To insert a line into your canvas, first, click the block you wish to edit.
  2. Next, click the Graphics section of the left menu, then click the Line icon below the basic shapes.
  3. A line will appear in your selected block. By default, a horizontal dashed line will appear. You can then rotate and change its color as you would any other graphic element. Rotate the line by 15-degree angles by holding down the shift key while rotating, as shown above.
  4. There are two exclusive tools for lines. First, you can choose to change it to a solid, dashed or dotted line. Use the drop-down in the line style selection at the top property bar. And second, you can adjust the line's width from 0%-100%, using the tool located beside the line style. 
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