Import Data to Charts

Adding charts to your visual is one of Piktochart's most important features. Read on for tips and tricks to get your chart running quickly and effectively.

There are 3 different ways in which you can import data for your charts.

Enter Data Manually

You can input the data manually into the spreadsheet table on the right of the chart window. First, click Tools, then Chart in the left menu panel. A small pop-up window will appear.

There will be a spreadsheet on the right in which you can input data to visualize, and you'll see a chart preview on the left. You can also select different chart type on the left that best visualize your data.

This is the most straight-forward way to input the data to your chart, but it is suitable if your data table is small, so it doesn't take long to manually key in the numbers into the table.

Import From File

If you have an excel spreadsheet in XLS, XLSX, or CSV format, you can import your data files from your computer to the Piktochart editor. To do so, click "Import Your Data" at the top of the chart table. 

A window will appear for you to select your file to open. 

If your Excel file (.XLS and .XLSX) is detected to contain more than one sheet, you will be asked to select the correct sheet from which to pull the data for your chart.


Your data contained in these files needs to have column and row headers, and at least one column of data. 

Import From Google Drive

If your data is on Google Drive, you can also import them to Piktochart easily. Click "Dynamic Data" at the top of the window, it should open a different tab with a textbox for the Google Spreadsheet URL. There are instructions available on the tab that show you how to obtain your Google Spreadsheet URL.

Your spreadsheet needs to be publicly published before it can be imported. *Please ensure that you do not inadvertently publish sensitive information.*

On your Google Spreadsheet, click "File", and then "Publish to the Web". On the popup window, click "Start publishing" button to publish your spreadsheet.

If you have multiple tabs on a spreadsheet, you need to select the sheet you wish to publish:

Then, copy the spreadsheet link from your browser address bar

and paste it in the text box.

Common Questions

What happens if I update the data on Google Spreadsheet?

As the information in your Google spreadsheet is updated, your chart too will automatically update when refreshed - hence Dynamic Data. It is not required to edit the visual's chart to update the data.

  • If your visual is published on the web via , the data will be updated when you refresh the page.
  • If you download your visual as an image or PDF, you'll need to open the Piktochart editor and download a new copy of the visual. 

How do I modify my data after importing it to Google Spreadsheet?

When your data is imported from the Google Spreadsheet, you may only modify the data on the Google Spreadsheet alone. It is not possible to modify the data on Piktochart. This is to maintain consistency so the data is always available in one place. 

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