List of Options for Charts

Here is the complete list of options which can be changed for an inserted chart on your canvas:

-Add/Change chart title, axis-x and axis-y labels

-Show/Hide axis lines

-Show/Hide gridlines

-Show/Hide chart legends

-Change chart colors

-Display all chart values when printing

-Create stacked bar chart (available in bar chart only)

-Change minimum/maximum value for y-axis

In the below screenshot of the chart tool in the chart pop-up window, you can see the Settings tab (small gear) that provides all the options to customize your chart.

Although none of the following options are currently available, we do hope we can offer some or all of these in a future program update. 

  • Changing the bar width in a bar chart
  • Changing the line thickness in a line chart
  • Changing the chart text font and font size
  • Changing the line thickness in a donut chart

In addition, please note that some chart types are meant to represent values, while others are meant to represent only percentages. You can see which charts show percentages with the percentage icon in the image below.

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