Inserting Chart Axis and Grid Lines

You can easily customize your chart by adding or removing chart axis and grid lines. 


Inserting Chart Axis

For a cleaner look, you may want to hide your chart's axis lines.

To do so, click the Settings tab (⚙️) in the top right corner of your chart's pop-up window. 

Here, you will see more controls for your chart. 

To tweak your chart Axis, slide the toggle to the OFF position, thus making the lines invisible. 

Be careful not to present misleading data if you do not provide reference points on your charts! 

Inserting Grid Lines

This feature is enabled by default. However, you may access the options to turn them ON or OFF according to your preferences. 

To access the grid controls, you will first need to toggle ON the Axis toggle. Then, you'll find a Grid toggle to allow you to turn it ON or OFF. 

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