Change Colors on Chart

To change the colors of your chart, double-click your chart to open the chart pop-up window. Go to the Settings tab, indicated by a small gear icon, located at the top right corner of the window.

Then, click the colored square on the right of the chart settings window for the color picker tool to appear. Change the color by entering a hex code, choosing a default color, or, click the + sign under Recent Colors to choose from a color slider. After choosing the color from the slider or color wheel, you’ll need to click anywhere outside the color picker tool to set the color.

If you have multiple rows of data, you can select to use a single color for your chart (Under "Set color to all"), or you can set individual colors for each data value to work as identifiers (under Individual Color Setting).

To apply a gradient of the same color to the different chart categories: you can select a color from the pre-defined swatch, or select a color after clicking the "+" (add color) button to choose from the color slider.

When assigning the color for the next category, you can select the previously applied color from the Recent Colors and then adjust the small white circle to select a different shade. Click anywhere outside of the color picker tool to set the color!

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