Inserting a Map

To add a map:


Click Tools on the left panel in the editor. Click the Maps tool to add a map.  

The two tab at the top will allow you to search either by country or region. You can search by country on the Search tab.
You can insert data for your map and add colors for the map and borders.

For map data, do ensure a consistent data type throughout the columns ( for example, only have numbers in one column and text in another).  Data visualization will only work for columns with number-based data.

Please note that the data that you include has captions available on hover over in the online (URL /published) shared version. However, no static data will appear for the downloaded version. 

Common questions

Why can't I find a country on the map tool?

We want to include as many places and locations as possible for our users in our map tool. We're eager to listen to your suggestions for places and regions that you would love to see added!

At this time, our team of developers uses this map resource to ensure the quality image you need for crisp, vector-based maps on your visual. This means there may be some areas that are not included due to its size.

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