Changing Colors on Map

If you would like to enhance the map tool experience on Piktochart, we suggest adding some color to states, countries, or regions.

You can select the full map color, border color (if you do indeed want the borders to be visible), and individual state/province/ region colors, as seen below.

You can easily choose from a range of colors and gradients. The color chosen will preview in a box to the left of the hex code, and you can click anywhere outside the color picker tool to preview the color on your map. You can also choose to create a data visualization with an area-value map.

If you decide to use an area value map: Colors for individual areas on the map cannot be changed because the gradient color will be automatically adjusted in that region, according to the column you chose to be represented in your area-value map. To select a color for a specific area, you’ll need to turn off ‘Area Value Map.’

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