PDF Download Options

If you're a PRO user, you can download your visual as a long-form PDF, or download it with separate pages within 1 PDF file. We suggest that when intending to download or print in standard page size, please use the Poster, Report or Flyer template so that you are designing 1 block per page. Then when downloading, you can choose to "download as blocks" so that each page is separate within 1 PDF file.  

If you do not choose "download as blocks," there will be no separation or lines between blocks or pages. One continuous flow can be expected with this type of download. It is ideal to use this if you need to view and share this offline on a device.

If you have chosen a Presentation template, please choose to "download as blocks" so that your Presentation blocks are separate within your PDF. Your blocks need to stay at 800 px (width) and 600 px (height) in the editor when creating it.

Common Questions

Why is the size of my visual so big after download?

If you choose the "Medium" or "High" quality for download, it will x2 (Medium) and x3 (High) the current size you have on your Editor. This helps with the resolution when you try to fit a bigger size visual into a smaller paper page while maintaining the ratio. All you need to do is to set "fit to page" when you print.

However, if you want to retain the exact size, you can go with "Normal" quality for download.

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