Rich text editor

Our Rich Text Editor allows you to customize your text in a number of ways.

There are two types of functions released in this update:


The ability to format a selected letter, word, or phrase within a text box, as opposed to the entire text box, and a new underline tool

New abilities applicable to an entire text box: bullet points, letter spacing, and line-height

These text customizations are available in the properties bar at the top of the editor, and after selecting a text box, several text boxes (by clicking on them while holding the shift key), or a single word or phrase.

Formatting a single word or selection

First, select a single character, word or phrase and customize your text color, or make it bold, italicized or underlined Please note that the font size or font family only applies to the whole text box.

Adding bullet points

Choose the text box you wish to have in a bullet-point list. You can either have points pre-written or add items line by line; hitting the return key to add another bullet point item on the list.

Then click the bullet point tool in the properties bar. After entering all your bullet point items, hit return twice after a bullet point item to allow for more space in between points. Or, use the new line-height tool as explained below!

To change the color of your bullets to match your text after adding bullet points, select the text box and select the desired color.


Letter Spacing

You may want your letters to be more spaced out than what is already provided by default in the editor. This could apply when you want the letters to S T R E T C H across the page, for example. Select the text box you wish to customize, and then you can choose the spacing according to your needs, on a scale of 1 to 50, using the first slider in the Line Setting tool.

Line Height

You can adjust the spacing between lines of text within a text box up to 5 lines after each line. Select the text box to which you wish to apply this function, then choose the line height spacing using the second slider in the Line Setting tool.

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