Sharing visuals with Team

By default, your visual is set on Private, meaning only you will be able to view your visual in the team workspace. In order for your team members to be able to view, edit and comment on your visual, you would need to change the privacy settings of your visual. You can do this either directly from the Dashboard or within the Editor itself. 

     On the Dashboard, hover over the visual thumbnail you wish to share and click the 3 dots. Choose  Share.

    Enable team sharing by selecting either to share with Everyone in the Workspace or only  Specific Team members.

Granular Sharing: Specific Members only when a visual owner shares a visual with the team, they can select either to share with the whole team or to specific team members. If you need to share with specific team members:

Toggle the option to share with Specific members: 

Click on the Add Member space. The available team members' options will appear. 

Set the permission setting for the individual member, either Can Edit or  Can comment. Click Invite to confirm.  

You can still change the permission setting once you invited your members:

Once you've shared the visual with a member of your team, you'll see the shared icon at the bottom of your visual on the dashboard to indicate that the specific visual has been shared with a team member. 

Common Questions

How do I ensure that a member of my Team can present a visual I recently shared?

You can certainly share a visual with your Team so they can present it using Presentation Mode.

First, you’ll need to ensure that the visual has been shared with your Team and that the Share option for the visual allows others to access it as shown above. 

Otherwise, your team member or non-visual owner will not be able to change the Share settings and will receive the error as below: 

Once the Share setting has been set, any Team member can present the visual simply by clicking on the thumbnail's options on the Dashboard and selecting  Present

Your team member can enter Presentation mode as described here. 

How do I share with non-members/external people?

The same Share modal also allows you to control who gets to access the visual's published Output page. A visual shared in this way will be accessible, view-only, beyond just your team.

Will my Team Members see everything I create?

No, your team members will only see the visuals you choose to share with them. By default, all the visuals you have created are still in private mode, meaning only you can view your visuals. 

To check whether a visual is being shared with your team, you'll be able to see an icon (🏦)at the bottom of the visual on the dashboard, like this:

Can I restore my visual to a previous version or undo my team members' changes?

We don’t yet support this functionality. To ensure that your team members don’t unknowingly make undesired changes to your visual, you could share for commenting access only.

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