Sharing Piktochart on Wordpress

If you are planning to embed visuals created with Piktochart into your Wordpress blog or website, you will need to be a Business Plan user, or your site needs to be made with

Unfortunately, Piktochart does not support embedding visuals into a free blog or website because does not allow embed codes such as javascript or iframes; they support only basic HTML tags. You can read about the details of what they do and don't allow, and why here.

Under the Wordpress Business Plan, users can install plugins and use embed codes. Therefore, only Business Plan users can embed Piktochart visuals in blog or website.

On the other hand, if you are with (which means you generally downloaded Wordpress and installed it on your own server or use a 3rd party hosting service to host your site) you can embed the javascript or iframe available after you publish your visual.

If you are a free user, we can suggest that you download your visual as a PNG file, and then upload the image inside

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