Classroom PRO Plan

The Classroom Plan is available to groups of students over 13 years of age with 1 instructor or teacher.

For bulk purchases of PRO licenses for non-classroom use, we recommend the use of Piktochart for Teams. It comes with powerful collaboration features and comes significantly cheaper than the corresponding number of PRO licenses.

Bulk subscriptions for classroom use (individual accounts) will continue to be offered to users purchasing 20 accounts or more. You can inquire and get a quote for your needs using this form.

For Classroom Plan purchases, we send you a Paypal invoice for the number of Pro accounts desired, and then you can pay by Paypal or credit card. Once payment is received you would be sent the corresponding number of upgrade codes that you (or the account-holders themselves) would apply one by one to the registered free Piktochart accounts.

Free accounts can be created on our sign-up page. Please note you will need to ensure you've chosen your Piktochart account(s) you want to have in Pro status, as visuals won't move between accounts, and Pro status applied to an account in error isn't transferable.

If your students cannot receive emails from outside of your network and are using google accounts, please advise them to sign up using the google sign-up option, rather than by email address. This will make things easier as it allows them to bypass the confirmation email and start creating right away!
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