Save, Download, and Print


Whether your creation will be displayed online or printed, you'll first need to Save your visual and give it a unique name. This will store your work on your account so that you can edit or download it later.


First, save your visual by clicking the Save button at the top right. If you haven’t named your visual yet, you will be prompted to enter a title. After this, your visual will be saved in your Dashboard for future use.

Also, be aware that Rename Title simply gives the visual a new name; it does not create a second, new copy. To create another copy of your work and avoid overwriting your original, use File → Duplicate and give the new version a completely new file name. 


Click on the Download option in the upper right. A popup will appear. We have the following download formats:

Please be aware that the Piktochart logo will be added to your downloaded visual automatically if you are a Free user.

After saving and downloading your visual to your computer, find the file you saved to your computer. Open it using your computer's photo or PDF software, and print with that application. In most cases, you should choose the fit to page option in your Printer settings. 

Common Questions

Why can't I save my visual?

The use of Piktochart requires a stable internet connection so that your edits and your visuals' data is stored securely in our databases.

Unfortunately, edits made without a proper internet connection may not be saved. When you click the Save button but the visual fails to save, it will display an error message: 'Failed to save visual'. This can happen if your connection is working but unstable.

If you have tried to manually save visual several times and it fails, you'll need to try duplicating the visual and saving a new file. Then, please edit the new file.

Why can't I download my visual? 

If one or more of your Saved Visuals will not Download, please consider the following:

  • You will need to be using either Chrome or Firefox to access Piktochart. Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari lack some technology that Piktochart requires, and may present problems such as this at times.
  • You can try clearing the cache in Chrome or Firefox. The following link may be helpful if this is a new process for you: Cache clearing
  • Your computer may not have the memory needed for a very large download. You can divide your lengthy visual by using File →Duplicate so that you don't have to start over. 
  • The larger your canvas is, the longer it will take to download. 50,000 pixels is the maximum for total canvas height; larger canvases will not download but will display when your visual is published online.

Why is my visual not updated?

We have an autosave feature in the editor, which means that your work is always saved periodically, as long as you had a stable connection.

Sometimes, a visual does not generate its miniature thumbnail preview in the Dashboard because the work isn't manually saved, which may produce this:

In order to always see updated previews in your Dashboard, it is recommended to use the Save button (above your canvas to the right). Sometimes, it may take some time (3-5 minutes) for the thumbnail to be updated due to the server loading time.

I lost my work. Can I recover it?

Any visuals saved to an account using the manual Save button from the upper menu bar should appear in your Dashboard.

If the saving process completes fully, your work will be found there in your Dashboard. Unfortunately, any versions not found there did not successfully reach the server for storage and are no longer available. This almost always has to do with the internet connection. 

We have on many occasions discovered that a Piktochart user may have created two Piktochart accounts, and sometimes the visual in question is actually located on the second account instead. In that case, you'd need to log in to the other Piktochart account to seek your visual.

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