Charts: Minimum or Maximum Value

You may want to set a minimum or maximum value for an axis in your chart.

Here's a list of which types of charts on which you can set the maximum/minimum y-axis / x-axis values: 

Vertical bar chart : y-axis only

Triangle bar chart : y-axis only

Horizontal bar chart : x-axis only

Line chart : y-axis only

Area chart : y-axis only

Dot chart : y-axis only

Scatter plot : x-axis and y-axis

To do this, first double-click your chart to edit it. Click the Settings gear in the top right corner of the chart pop-up window. Then, you can enter the minimum and/or maximum y-axis/x-axis value for your chart.

For the x-axis values, you can increase the width of the chart by clicking and dragging the round handlers on the right or left of the chart. For the y-axis values, you can do the same, increasing the length of the chart by clicking and dragging the round handlers on the top or bottom of the chart. The labels will automatically adjust to the available space.

The custom minimum/maximum values of a chart are independent of any value in the grid. This allows you to reflect data in the way you want it. The value for the minimum/maximum is allowed to be higher or lower than the lowest/highest value.

You can include decimal values and adjust the scale/axis accordingly. Here's more information on our Chart makeover.

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