Selecting Color Scheme

Click the template you wish to use. After it loads, click the Color Scheme button in the left side panel. You’ll then see a variety of color schemes carefully curated by our designers. You can click on any of the color scheme palettes to see your visual transform!

Not all icons, text and other graphic elements will change according to the selected color scheme.

If you select a color that is not included in the default color scheme in the color picker tool, that object (icon, text or graphic element) will remain that other color and will no longer be part of the elements that are changed when a new color scheme is selected.

Common questions

What graphic elements will change according to the color scheme?

Most text and graphic elements will change according to the selected color scheme, but not all text, icons, and graphic elements.

You can apply color schemes to the following objects: shapes, lines, monochrome icons, all text (title, subtitle, body and text frame text) and backgrounds.

Color schemes cannot be applied to charts, maps, text frames, photo frames, photos, or multi-color SVG icons. However, you can change the icon, text or graphic element color to reflect one of the colors in the palette of the selected color scheme. Check out our Editing Object Colors here.

For charts and maps, these are complex objects that are made up of multiple shapes and elements, thus they will not change automatically when a color scheme is chosen. However, you can always change the color of your map manually. You can also easily choose from the color scheme colors to change the colors of your chart. Check out our Changing Colors on Map and Changing Colors on Chart articles to learn more.

What happens when you switch from a 5-bucket color scheme to a 6-bucket color scheme and vice-versa?

The 5 colors from the first scheme will switch to the corresponding 5 colors of the second scheme, and the 6th color of the 2nd scheme would not be used in the visual. However, once you switch to the 2nd color scheme, you can associate any object with the 6th color of the 2nd scheme by choosing the color in the color picker tool, in the top toolbar.

If your existing color scheme has 6 color buckets and you switch to a scheme that only 5 color buckets, then the objects that were associated with the 6th color bucket from the first color scheme will continue to retain their color, even after you switch to a scheme that has lesser number of buckets.

If you switch from a 6-color scheme to a 5-color scheme and then change back to a different 6-color scheme, the 6th bucket of the currently applied scheme will be set and will not be the original bucket's 6th bucket color.

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