Creating Color Scheme in Piktochart Visual

You can choose to switch between designer schemes and custom schemes seamlessly (as a PRO user).

To create your own color scheme, first, click on the color scheme tool in the left side panel. Then, in a separate side panel, the Built-in Color Schemes will appear first, followed by My Color Schemes. Click the "Create New Color Scheme" button at the bottom, and give your color scheme a name.

After clicking "OK", your new color scheme will be created. After it is named, your new color scheme will grab the colors of your background, text boxes, and other visual elements on your canvas.

Please note that while in this color scheme creation, your canvas will be in Preview Mode so you can see how the color scheme appears on your canvas. Feel free to explore the colors for your color scheme before you choose which colors will be in the scheme!

Next, you can click on the color buckets in the color scheme to change the color of the elements that are associated with that color bucket.

To delete a color bucket (for example, to reduce the amount of colors in your color scheme), you can hover the top right corner of the bucket and a small x will appear - click it to delete a color.

Once you have chosen your colors for the color scheme, you have two choices:

  • Save: Save the color scheme, but the original colors of the visual will remain.
  • Save & Apply: Save the color scheme and apply it to your visual right away!

You can create up to 4 color schemes per visual. You can delete or edit existing color schemes within the visual. The currently applied color scheme will be highlighted in the color scheme panel.

To edit a color scheme, click the edit button to change the color buckets. When finished, choose to save or save and apply the color scheme.

If you copy or duplicate a visual, all saved color schemes are copied within it as well.

The ability to create your own color schemes is a Piktochart PRO functionality. You can check out the different plans and their features here.

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