Customizing Icon Matrix Chart

The matrix shows percentage values by default - the sum of all data value entries represents 100%. The number of icons is capped at 100. 

To calculate it, we sum up all data points, calculate the percentage of the single values first, and then project the value towards the 100 available icons in the matrix (it doesn’t matter if the actual total of data points is smaller or bigger than 100).

For example, the visualization of the data “9 out of 15 babies born are female.”

The default behavior considers the ratio between 15 and 9 and projects it to a hundred. So we’d see 100 total icons (representing the sample size of 15 babies) and 60 colored icons (representing the 9 female babies of the sample). This way the absolute, as well as the relative (60%) ratio, becomes clear.

Common Questions

Can I go back to the old behavior?

Yes! You can. In the chart settings, users will find an option that allows switching between the above new default behavior (percentage) and the current default behavior (absolute numbers capped at 100).

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