PowerPoint Export

If you're a PRO user and selected a Presentation format to create your visual, you will have the option to download your work in .PPT format, which will allow you to open your work in PowerPoint. 

1. First, select one of our Presentation templates. (because PowerPoint Export is not available for other formats)

2. Once you finish your work, head to Download on the upper right corner.

3. You’ll have the option to download your work in PNG, PDF and PowerPoint formats. Choose the latter.

4. Once the PowerPoint option is selected, you’ll be able to see the download process on the bar of your Editor.

5. Once this bar is completed - your work will be ready to use on PowerPoint!

Some limitations to PowerPoint Export

  • Grouping: Items that have been grouped in Piktochart won’t be grouped in the exported file.
  • Charts and maps: They can only be rendered as images.
  • SVG export: Some SVG files may contain high complexity content. Hence, they will be exported as a PNG instead of an editable SVG.
  • Font issues: Click here to learn more.
  • Bullet list: The position might be slightly off.

Common Questions

What if my PPT file is too big? Can I compress the file size?

Yes! You can. If you need assistance compressing your document, you can check out  this useful guide by HighSpark.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • The download time can be affected by the complexity of the visual - for example, if it contains charts, maps or SVG files (high complexity content like multi-colored icons).
  • Your work will be automatically saved before downloading it. But if you change anything after, it won’t be reflected on your downloaded PPT.
  • If the connection is lost in the process of download, you will get an error message and you will need to check your internet connection and start the download process again. 
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