Design Components in Piktochart Visual

Design Components are a series of organized content that will make your visual look better in a more efficient way. It can be lists, comparisons, or simply put - content! 

How do I add a design component? 


Go to the left menu and click on Design Components.


Select one of the components, such as List, Timelines, or Comparisons


Insert the design component you prefer by clicking on it or dragging it to the canvas.


Edit the design block as you wish!

Image from Gyazo

You can copy and paste, and replace the text and images - the important thing is that you make them your own! 

If you need to change the color/font of multiple objects at the same time, you just need to hold on to the SHIFT key while selecting the objects.

Imagine this as one step in between templates and a blank canvas - the possibilities and combinations are endless! 

Common Questions

How do I add points to my timeline component? 

In order to add more points, you'll need to:

Ungroup the objects
Extend the line
Copy-paste one of the dots and place it on the line 
Like so: Image from Gyazo

You can do the same for the other components!

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