Font limitations on PowerPoint

If you are using restricted (Benthem, Metropolis, and Infinity) or unpublished fonts on Piktochart, you’ll find this pop-up modal when you’re trying to download your visual:

If this happens, you have two options:

Download without the font file: When you open the file on PowerPoint, you can choose either Remove Restricted Font s or Read-Only mode.
  • Remove Restricted Fonts - The font will be replaced by a system-default font on PowerPoint.
  • Read Only - PowerPoint will render the exact font but you will not be able to make any edits to the document.
Get the font file - To continue with download and editing on PowerPoint with those fonts, you can click on the Font Website links provided ( Benthem, Metropolis and Infinity) to purchase those fonts. 
  • Already have the font file - If you already have the font file on your computer - you won’t get any prompt when opening the file on PowerPoint. You’re all set!
  • Just installed font file - If you have just installed the font file on your computer, you will need to quit Powerpoint and reopen the PowerPoint file again.

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