Editing the Transcript

Editing your video's transcript on Piktochart Video is very easy. You can treat it like working on a text document. Here, we'll go through a couple of things that you can do.

Modifying Words


Using your mouse, hold down the left-click and drag across the transcript to highlight the word, words, or a portion of a word that you want to edit.


Start typing to replace those highlighted parts. 

Deleting Words

Press the BACKSPACE key on your keyboard to remove the highlighted parts.

Deleting the words does not  remove that portion of the video. To remove a part of the video, check out our article here.

Adding Words


Using your mouse, left-click on the part that you want to add the new word or characters to the transcript


Start typing to add the characters or words at that location

Common Questions

What is the transcription process and how long does it take?

Each video uploaded or imported into Piktochart Video will go through an automatic transcribing process. We're using machine intelligence to turn the audio into text. At the end of the process, the transcript of the video will be provided where you can then edit to create your Clip.

The time it takes for the transcribing process to complete is proportionate to the length of your video. The longer your video is, the longer the process would be.

However, if the transcribing process has gone on for too long, it is likely that it has failed for some reason. You can delete the file and try again. If after trying again and you are still not finding success, please do let us know so that we can support you.

Is the transcription accurate?

The transcript of your video is automatically created using machine intelligence. Given that, it is not going to be 100% accurate. However, we strive to provide the best possible transcription that will ease your work. 

Regardless, the editing process for the transcript is very easy and wouldn't take too much time. It is just like editing a text document.

There are several factors that may affect the transcription's accuracy. Here are some of common factors:

  • Accuracy of pronunciation
  • Clarity of the audio
  • Speed of the person talking
  • Other languages being used

There are several methods for you to improve the accuracy of your transcription. The most important one is to ensure that the audio is clear. You can try recording in a quiet environment without too much background noise or place the microphone closer when you're speaking.

Why is there no transcript in my video?

If you have successfully uploaded a Video and found out that there are no transcripts loaded in the Editor, this is usually caused by either of the following reasons:


Video Doesn't Have Audio

If the Video doesn't have audio that can be heard by our machine intelligence system, it is likely that there will be no transcript generated.

This could be due to the audio quality being poor, or that the volume is too low to be picked up by our system. 

To resolve this, please ensure that the audio is clear in the video before trying to upload to Piktochart Video again.


Video Doesn't Have Transcribable Audio

If the Video has music, there is a possibility that our machine intelligence system is not able to recognize it and therefore no transcript was being generated.

To resolve this, please ensure that the video has clear audio in a supported language before trying to upload to Piktochart Video again.

If none of the above applies to your case and still there is no transcript generated for your Project, please contact us so that we can investigate further and support you.

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