Customizing Your Video's Design in Piktochart Video

You can easily customize your video to represent your brand and design them to your liking! 

Here are a few things that you can customize:

Video Background

Follow the steps below to change the video background:


Click on the video preview on the right.


On the menu bar that appears on top of the video, click on the color picker to select a color.


Click the OK button to apply the desired background color.

Video Title

You can customize the video title, and further style the font family, font size, alignment, and color of your text.

Edit Text

To edit text, click on the title textbox in the video and press Backspace to delete text. Then, type your desired text. 

Editing text feature is not available in the 16:9 Horizontal aspect ratio. 

Change Font Family

Click on the Textbox and select the desired font from the font dropdown on the top panel.

At this moment, there is no option to upload a custom font to the editor.

Change Font Size

To change the font size, click on the textbox and use the up and down arrows to select your desired font size. 

Change Font Styling

To change font style, simply click either the B or I icons to apply them to the text. 

Change Font Alignment

Click the alignment button to toggle between center, right, or left alignment. 

Change Text Color

To change the text color, click on the color picker at the top left and select OK to apply.

Text Background Color

To set a background color for the title, select the text box and click the last icon on the design panel. The color palette options will appear. 

Select your desired color and click OK to apply. You may copy and paste a Hex color code in the palette. 

To remove the text background, click on the icon again. 

Editing Subtitle

You can use the above similar steps to edit and customize your subtitles! 

Any customization done for the captions will affect ALL captions throughout the video clip. Individual customization (e.g. specific words only) is not yet possible at this point

Text Styling

You can choose from nine different text styling options for your captions by clicking on the Text option on the left panel.

The text styling options include rounded or squared edges for your caption's background, transparent captions, and more.

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