Downloading my Clip

To download your clip, first, you have to create them following the steps here on Creating Clips.

After your clip has been created, head over to the Clips section on the Dashboard and you will see it being rendered. 

Once it's ready, place your mouse over the Clip that you wanted and click the Download button. 

Alternatively, you can click the Preview button to check that your clips are proper before downloading them.

The downloaded clips will be in MP4 format.

Common Questions

My Clip cannot be rendered or downloaded

We're sorry to hear that your Clips are not rendering! Here are some potential causes and what you can do to work around them:


Clip Too Long

When the Clip you are trying to create is too long, it may lead to the rendering not being able to be completed.

To resolve this, try to create a Clip with a shorter duration. Clips that are under 15 minutes tend to have the highest rate of success at being rendered.

If you do need to create Clips that are longer than that, please consider splitting them into multiple Clips to be rendered, then combining them using other video editing programs afterward.


Clip Stuck at Rendering 0%

In some situations, your Clip may be stuck at 0% rendering for a period of time. This usually happens when our servers received a lot of Clip rendering processes from users around the world.

Usually, this will resolve itself after some time, but if it has been stuck for an extended period of time, please contact us so that we can investigate further and support you!


Error Rendering Clip

When the Clip fails to render and you get an error message, this is usually caused by some special characters or symbols that are present in the title or captions. 

To resolve this, please verify that the texts used in your title and captions of the Clip do not contain any special characters. 

If there are no special characters present and you are receiving this error, please let us know!

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