My video cannot be uploaded or imported

Under some circumstances, you may face the issue where your video cannot be uploaded or imported.

This may happen due to either of the following reasons.

Video Too Large

If your video file is larger than 4GB in size, it most likely will not be able to be uploaded due to technical limitations. 

To resolve this, please try to convert your video to a smaller file size before attempting to upload it again.

Video Too Long

Depending on your account's subscription, there are different limits to the video length that you can upload or import. 

For example, as a Free user, you are only able to upload videos for up to 20 minutes per month. While users who are subscribed to the Pro plan would have 90 minutes/seat per month. For more details, please visit the pricing page.

To resolve this, please trim your video to be shorter before attempting to upload it into Piktochart Video again according to the limit of your account. If you do, however, have the need to upload videos that are longer than your allocated minutes' monthly quota, please contact us with your interest and we'll review them on a case-by-case basis.

Video Encoding Not Supported

Depending on how the video is recorded or created, it may have certain encodings on its video or audio stream which may not be compatible with Piktochart Video although we strive to provide support for most of the major types of encoding.

To resolve this, please try to convert your video into different formats before attempting to upload it into Piktochart Video again. For example, the most common video encoding format of H.264 works best.

Video Stuck At Transcribing

Sometimes your video may be stuck in the Transcribing Video state for an extended period of time. This usually happens when we have received a lot of video project creations at the same time from users around the whole world. 

Usually, it will resolve itself after some time, but in the case where it doesn't, you may need to delete the video and attempt to upload it again. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Look for the video that failed to be uploaded
  2. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the video
  3. Click the Delete button to confirm deletion

We're very sorry if this is happening to you, but do contact us if you are facing this problem.

Video Missing Video or Audio Streams

Under some specific circumstances, the file that you're attempting to upload may have either the video or audio stream missing. 

You can verify this by trying to play the file using your video player of choice. If the file is able to be played and has a video and audio coming through, then that is a valid file that Piktochart Video would usually support. If either of them is missing, then it would not be able to upload to Piktochart Video.

To resolve this, please check with the respective party as to how the video file was created to ensure that it is valid before attempting to upload it to Piktochart Video again.

If your situation doesn't fall under either of the categories above, please don't hesitate to contact us so that we can support you promptly.

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