There is no transcript for my Video

If you have successfully uploaded a Video and found out that there are no transcripts loaded in the Editor, this is usually caused by either of the following reasons.

Video Doesn't Have Audio

If the Video doesn't have audio that can be heard by our machine intelligence system, it is likely that there will be no transcript generated.

This could be due to the audio quality being poor, or that the volume is too low to be picked up by our system. 

To resolve this, please ensure that the audio is clear in the video before trying to upload again.

Video Doesn't Have Transcribable Audio

If the Video has music, there is a possibility that our machine intelligence system is not able to recognize it, and therefore no transcript was being generated.

To resolve this, please ensure that the video has clear audio in a supported language before trying to upload again.

If none of the above applies to your case and still there is no transcript generated for your Project, please contact us so that we can investigate further and support you.

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