Inserting Data to Table

There are two ways to insert your data into your table: 

Enter Data Manually 

To do this, double-click to enter editing mode and double-click again to edit the individual cells. When you see the cursor appear, type in your data in that specific cell. 

Copy and Paste from Excel and Google Spreadsheet 

If you have an excel spreadsheet in  XLS, XLSX, or CSV format or in Google Spreadsheet, you can copy and paste your data available into the data table! 

Here's how to enter data into your table: 


Copy your data from an Excel spreadsheet using the keyboard shortcut CTRL+C (for Windows) or COMMAND+C (for Mac). 


In the Piktochart Editor, double-click the table to enter Edit mode. You will see that the border of the table will appear green


Enter the keyboard shortcut CTRL+V to paste your data into the table. 

You can only paste your data in the Edit mode. If you see a black border, it means that you are selecting the table as a whole and you will not be able to paste your data into the table.

Common Questions

Why can't I copy and paste my data into the table header row? 

Due to technical constraints, it is not possible to directly input data into these header rows yet. Your pasted data will start from the second row in the table.
You will need to manually edit your data in the header rows by double-clicking and entering your text in the specific cells. 

It is not possible to leave the header empty. It will revert to Title if the text has been removed. 

Is the data dynamic? 

At this point, there is no integration with Google Drive. Hence, you will not be able to import data directly from Google Spreadsheet. If there are any changes to your data, you will need to manually make the changes in the table as well. 

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