Plan Updates (August 2021)


As of 14 August 2021, we’ve made some changes to all our plans - Free, Pro and Team. 

The main changes that affect all three plans are:

  • Workspace: Each account will have at least one Workspace to collaborate with others. Learn more about Workspace.

  • Settings & Members: We have merged all the settings related to your account(s) to Settings & Members. You can manage your Team Members and Billings here.

  • Pricing: You can view our new pricing here. This only applies to customers who purchase or renew their subscription after the launch.
  • Features set: There are new features for all plans! Keep reading to learn more :)

Free Plan Updates 

We’ve made it easier for free users to collaborate with more people in Piktochart and get many more features for free!

You can now do the following:

  • Folders: Create a folder to organize your visuals.

  • Additional download formats: You can download visuals in additional formats like PDF and PowerPoint. 
New 2 downloads limit (One-off)

To continue to make Piktochart available for free, we’ve introduced a  one-off two-download limit on new visuals downloads for each Workspace. The limit does not apply to previous downloads and the quota will not reset.

We have a pay-per-download feature for Free users  who would like to enjoy more Download Credits without paying for a subscription.  You can purchase Download Credits for just $3.50 per credit  (tax exclusive)
Compare Changes for Free plan
Before  After
No collaborators Add up to 3 collaborators
No annotated comments Access to annotated comments
No folders 1 folder
Only download in PNG Download in PNG, PDF & PowerPoint
Unlimited downloads 2 downloads per workspace

Pro Plan Updates

For Pro users, you can now:

  • More Storage: Upload 100GB of images to your account

Compare Changes for Pro plan
Before  After
No collaborators Add up to 25 collaborators
Upload 50GB of images Upload 100GB of images

Team Plan Updates

We have renamed the Team plan to Pro. Any users who purchase more than 25 seats will fall under the Enterprise Plan and get a dedicated Key Account Manager.

Moving of visuals 

Due to privacy concerns, we had to disable the option of moving visuals between your personal and workspace accounts. When creating a visual that you intend to share with your team, make sure that you create it in the shared workspace.

Compare Changes for Team plan
Before  After
Plan name: Pro Team Plan name: Pro (<25 seats)
Plan name: Enterprise (>25 seats)
Move visuals from Personal Dashboard to Team Dashboard Cannot move visuals between Workspaces


Workspace is where you store your visuals and organize information — as just one person or collaborate as a team. Each account will have a minimum of one workspace.

Team Owner is the person who owns the account and has the ability to invite other team members to join the team for collaboration.

Team Members are collaborators who can edit or comment on a shared visual.

Visuals are designs you create in the Piktochart Editor.

Common Questions

I would like to get the new pricing. How can I change?

The new pricing will automatically reflect on your next billing.

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