Piktochart New Editor

We are constantly working on improving your Piktochart experience. With you in mind, we have redesigned a completely new Piktochart Editor with the hope to  provide an enhanced usability experience, better features, and a refreshed look! Check out our new editor today! 

You will see that you can already do many familiar functions such as adding icons and images, editing text, and downloading your visuals in PNG and PDF. We have also added new capabilities to allow cropping, access to 3.5million icons by Iconscout, eye dropper tool and easier rearrangement of your blocks/pages

You may read up further on what other new features we have brought in our May newsletter here! 

Do stay tuned as we release more features in the next phases! 😃

If you have any feedback, feel free to share your thoughts here. We can't wait to hear from you! 

Common Question

Can I switch back to the Classic Editor once I've started designing my visual in the new Editor?

Once you have selected a visual and edited it in New Editor, it is not possible to switch that specific visual back to the classic editor. You will need to continue working in New Editor, or else, you can create a new visual in the classic editor. It is not backward compatible. 

How do I select the Classic Editor? 

On your  Dashboard, select and Edit a new template. On the template thumbnail, select Use Classic Editor

You may then edit your visual in the old editor.

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